Kill Rock Stars nab Thermals for their fourth release

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Back in July, it was announced that The Thermals were leaving Sub Pop. The label, which singer Hutch Harris says is still his favorite, put out the bands first three records and asked them back for two more, an offer the band turned down.

The Thermals revealed a need to shake things up but confirmed that they were shopping around labels for their next CD and that Sub Pop was still in contention to win them back. Alas, it turns out that the duo has chosen to go with Kill Rock Stars for the release of its next disc, Now We Can See, on April 7.

So why did they choose Kill Rock Stars? "They're located in Portland now, most of their bands are from Portland. Really, it's all about Portland," Harris told Pitchfork aggressively and made us a great offer... Plus, Maggie [Vail, Kill Rock Stars vice president] sent us naked pictures of Madonna, and you know that usually works." Nice.

In other Thermals news, the band has a new drummer. "Our new drummer, I can officially announce, is Westin Glass!," Harris said. "Westin played with Say Hi most recently, and has just moved to Portland from Seattle. He is a sweet drummer, for sure!"

Lastly, we already announced the dates for their December tour, but here they are again below, just in case:

4 - Seattle, Wash. @ Chop Suey
5 - Portland, Ore. @ Doug Fir Lounge
6 - Portland, Ore. @ Doug Fir Lounge
12 - Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera Club Festival
13 - Madrid, Spain @ Primavera Club Festival
14 - London, England @ KCLSU
17 - Utrecht, Netherlands @ Ekko
18 - Groningen, Netherlands @ Vera

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