Mavis Staples reflects on Hope, Barack Obama's election

Mavis Staples
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It's not like it was really a question who Mavis Staples was pulling for in the election. And once it actually happened, releasing the former Staple Singers' Live: Hope at the Hideout the day of seemed liked it had been an awfully well-conceived idea.

"To come up in a time when there was slavery, racism, the KKK, and Jim Crow, I'm just so grateful to still be here to enjoy this historical time in our lives. It is so surreal, so completely overwhelming. This young black man has inspired and brought the country together. There's something about him that makes me feel he is the chosen one. There's something about his leadership that makes people feel calm and safe. He has inspired hopes and dreams of all people - black, white, brown or yellow. Doctor King and Pops I just know are so happy. 'The Dream' is alive."

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