Patton Oswalt is writing a book

Patton Oswalt
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Like most of us, Patton Oswalt had his head in the election last week. He was a live blogger for Comedy Central Indecision, and he also turned his attention to the future of the ill-fated Republican nominee. “McCain, someday, is going to make a great novel,” he wrote on his website. “He doesn't want to be a part of it, but it’ll be one of the most readable things to come out of this dark spiral we’ve been going through for eight years."

It looks like Oswalt is headed for a similar fate. On his MySpace blog, the Comedians of Comedy founder revealed he’s been commissioned to write a book (which he hopes aloud will turn out better than his last project, a screenplay he never turned in). He doesn't give any details beyond that, though he does say he's written a novel in the past.

His post doubles as a mini-goodbye for the time being. “What I'm saying is, this blog will become a bit more...terse...for the next year or so,” he writes. “I mean, I'll still write in it, and update my calendar and photos, but this won't (and shouldn’t be) the main repository of my creative energy. That’s got to go into the book. The book the book the book.”

He says the book is due to publishers in nine months, so there should be more details reasonably soon. At the end of his post, he digresses back to the election, and a bit about Sarah Palin unfolds, naturally, into a list: “Top 5 FEMALE NAZIS." We're not going to touch that one, but you can read the post in full here.

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