Rashida Jones featured in new series starring Amy Poehler

OK, OK...so, its not an Officespin-off (like we previously believed). But it is still a new NBC comedy series starring Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari, and it did just take one step closer to being like The Office by casting one of the its former stars, Rashida Jones.

Variety reports what the net had been saying for months now, and though NBC has remained tight lipped on the details of the show, some small tidbits have been announced. Jones is "set to play Ann Logan, a nurse whose boyfriend has a strange injury. It's that injury that leads Jones' character into the world populated by Poehler and Ansari."

The show will be a reunion for Jones and Office exec producers Greg Daniels and Mike Schur, who will also work on the new show. "For my money, there's no more emotionally intelligent, cerebral comedy writers in TV than Mike and Greg," Jones told Variety. "There's something about the way they capture the complexity and awkwardness of human dynamics that's so relatable yet so unique. What I don't know [about the series], I still trust in these guys so much."

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And the boys love her right back. Schur called Jones "funny, talented and beautiful" and said that she is "perfect for this new show, which -- just to remind everyone -- is not a spinoff of The Office. It is a spinoff of MASH called Seinfeld II. "

No shoot date has been announced for the new series (though NBC had said Spring, it could easily be pushed to Fall) but Jones says that she expects to go to work in early 2009. She is also expected to guest on The Office at least once more this year.