Samantha Who? review. Episode 2.4—"The Building"

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Fresh off last week's first good episode of the season, hopes were high for this week’s installment. And praise be the comedy gods, it delivered.

A jobless (but looking!) Samantha finds herself digging through her parents pantry for food to steal at the top of “The Building.” Luckily, she quickly lands a job interview at a nonprofit, which ends up being a set-up by her mom to get her back into real estate. As her partner. Funny, sure, but this pairing can only mean that we’re going to be seeing even more of Sam’s parents, and we all know how I feel about that.

The mother-daughter duo quickly lands its first client, who just so happens to be a do-gooder (and good-looking) young man. Although Sam tries to stop herself from using her old tricks to seal the deal, she ends up in bed with the guy anyway. Over coffee with the girls the next day, she tries to convince them (and herself) that the “guy in the electric car” was more than a one-night stand and that sleeping with him had nothing to do with trying to get business. She quickly realizes the no-win situation that she has put herself in after she becomes furious to find out he didn’t buy the building (How could he sleep with her and then not buy it?) and then even more furious once he does decide to buy it (“Why didn’t you just leave the money on the bedside table!”)

But while most guest stars on this sitcom are one episode throwaways, it seems that James Tupper’s Owen might be around for a bit. The do-gooder doesn’t buy the place (Sam feels less guilty that way) but he does take her out for dinner, leaving a jealous and frustrated Todd at home.

Initially, rooting against her sweet, live-in ex Todd isn’t easy but it’s nice to see Sam in a functional relationship with Owen, even if it only lasts a couple of episodes. Another refreshing moment in the episode is when Andrea gets schooled in the ways of love by Todd’s NBA towelboy friend, Seth. After the catty “lawyer” tries to use him to get the phone number of a player on his team, Seth flips the tables on her by handing out the number without prodding. Just when she thinks she's won, he tells her to call him once she’s realized she wants a man who appreciates her for what's inside. Awww, right?