The Best Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Games of 2008

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The Best Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books and Games of 2008

Let’s be frank: any best-of list says more about the people who? assembled it than it does about a particular year in music.Everyone from Lil Wayne to Kanye West discovered the joys of Auto-Tune (thanks, T-Pain). Many of us discovered Balearic Beat, courtesy of revivalists like Quiet Village and Air France. The absence of these trends from our 2008 year-end list proves that we’re not simply trying to deliver a handy summary or highlight reel. We don’t want to hop on every trend, nor do we want to buck them just to be contrarian.

We’re looking for the best music in any genre, as befits a magazine with the tagline “Signs of Life.” Best-of lists often contain a tacit provision: Best (Rock) Albums of 2008, or Best (Rap) Albums of 2008. PasteIver and Lucinda Williams represent our commitment to readers who’ve grown with us, but we’re also paying attention to envelope-pushing formats, like the mash-ups of Girl Talk and the mixtape cuts of Diplo and Santogold. Paste’s tagline affirms our focus not only on ?music but also film and culture, so read on to discover our year-end picks in movies, TV, books and video games. Regardless of which artistic medium you’re most passionate about, 2008 offered something to make this year in entertainment seem, at least for a moment, like the best ever.

Brian Howe