The Hives team with Cyndi Lauper for "A Christmas Duel"

Cyndi Lauper
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The Hives and Cyndi Lauper have collaborated on a new holiday tune entitled "A Christmas Duel." The single is set to be released by The Orchard on Dec. 1 (UK) and Dec. 2 (U.S.). It will also be available on the Hives website over Thanksgiving weekend—for free!

The press release announcing the song called the track "a unique take for this holiday season. Let’s just say that the pair get a little scrappy. It also features a piano. Yay."

“It may sound weird and come as a surprise to some, but we had to," the band said in a statement. "It came to us. It landed in our lap and was way too good to shake or toss. We knew we had to record it. A sign if you will.”

And of Lauper? "This goes to show even rat sideswipers can have a good Xmas too.” Something tells us this is gonna be good, folks.

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