Ben Stiller talks Zoolander 2

Ben Stiller
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Don't ever, ever tell Derek Zoolander he's only got one look. Perhaps taking a cue from BFF Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller revealed recently that he's set to take another walk down the runway as the consummate male model.

While Zoolander underperformed (putting it mildly) at the box office, it's enjoyed something of a renaissance on DVD. Stiller dished to WENN recently about the possibility of a sequel to the 2001 cult hit: “I’ve been trying to get Zoolander 2 together and we’ve had a few scripts. I feel that is the sequel I really would like to do some day because I like the original and I would make sure it was something new and worthy of it first.”

No word yet on a director, co-stars, release date or, well, anything else. There's gotta be more to life than just being really, really, really ridiculously good looking, so stay tuned as we find out.

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