Criterion offers streaming movies for $5

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As streaming films became more commonplace online, the drive was to offer the highest-profile titles possible to entice consumers to the new format. But Netflix and other providers seem to have concluded that the titles themselves are only half the allure, and have also focused on new platforms—streaming video for TiVo users, in one instance.

The Criterion Collection looks to scale that back a bit. The elite DVD distributor, which has long sought to unearth lost titles and further immortalize classics with ultra-deluxe sets, has put a selection of its films online for $5 each. Canonized titles like Fat Girl (pictured) and Solaris are paired with signature Criterion  picks like General Idi Amin Dada and Clean, Shaven, and each streaming purchase can be applied to a future DVD purchase from the site.

Criterion also just launched a handsome new site, branded its “online cinematheque,” which streamlines many of its features into a smooth and attractive new format.

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