Great Lake Swimmers will get Lost in March

Great Lake Swimmers
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We already knew the Great Lake Swimmers had a new album on deck for next spring. Now, we have the full details: the album, entitled Lost Channels, will hit stores March 31 and contain 12 new tracks of the Canadian group's brand of folk stylings.

The album, the band's fourth, follows-up 2007's critically-adored Ongiara. Musically, the news songs are said to be influenced by early R.E.M., Byrds circa the Gram Parsons-era, the Faces and Neil Young's acoustic works. The name Lost Channels comes from the place the band recorded the album—the Thousand Islands region of Ontario. The actual "Lost Channel" is a passage of water in the area where mysterious disappearances were recorded during a battle in 1760. All of this sounds promising, but all we ask is just one track to rival the understated brilliance of "Your Rocky Spine."


1. Palmistry
2. Everything is Moving So Fast
3. Pulling on a Line
4. Concrete Heart
5. She Comes to Me in Dreams
6. The Chorus in the Underground
7. Singer Castle Bells
8. Stealing Tomorrow
9. Still
10. New Light
11. River's Edge
12. Unison Falling Into Harmony

The Swimmers will also embark on a North American tour in March and April of next year. Check back for tour dates.

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