Paste celebrates 10 years

On Dec. 3 1998, Josh Jackson, Nick Purdy and Jordan Feibus launched, a retail site for independent music. The company began with the release of the first-ever live album from Vigilantes of Loveartists such as Pedro the Lion, Over the Rhine, Innocence Misison and Marzuki (a late '90s indie-folk band featuring Sufjan Stevens).
Three and a half years later, Paste would launch a magazine. ", in its founding, had the same vision we have today: to direct people to quality music," publisher Nick Purdy says. Indeed, if you take a look at the original Paste site, you can read this quote in the "about" section: "At, you can always drop by and discover a new artist or three that you may not have run across yet, but will be glad you did."
It's a sentiment we think carries over to Paste magazine and today. Even though we've expanded our coverage to include books, films, games, television and other Signs of Life in culture, we hope you're still rewarded with new discoveries every time you pick up a copy of the magazine or stop by the website.
Here's to another 10 years!

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