Phosphorescent to release Willie Nelson covers album

Willie Nelson
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Matthew Houck doesn't play live as Phosphorescent alone anymore. It's a change, but a good one, as 2007's wondrous Pride featured dark-cloud chorales and otherwise lush treatment of Houck's folk tunes—layers that the live show now reflects.

His November tour with Virgin Forest as a backing band now ended, Dead Oceans has announced a Feb. 3 release for one of two upcoming Phosphorescent LPs: To Willie, a full-length album of 11 Willie Nelson covers. Like Nelson himself did with Lefty Frizell in 1975's To Lefty From Willie, Houck has selected some of his favorite Willie Nelson songs to reimagine as Phosphorescent pieces. Even the cover is a clear reference to its predecessor (and the disc itself has on it emblazoned To Willie From Phossy).

Houck recently described his feelings on To Willie to The Fader's F2: "It's terribly sad," he said. "A downer record. But it's great. It's so good."

To Willie tracklist:

Reasons To Quit
Too Sick To Pray
It's Not Supposed To Be That Way
Pick Up The Tempo
I Gotta Get Drunk
Can I Sleep In Your Arms
Heartaches Of A Fool
Permanently Lonely
The Last Thing I Needed (First Thing This Morning)
The Party's Over

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