Frank Black takes on Satan with Art Brut

Frank Black
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Armed with no more than about 20 songs, the British ramble-rockers in Art Brut are set to take on the Lord of the Underworld for their third LP, Art Brut vs. Satan. But they've got some strong-armed help: Pixies' Frank Black has now been confirmed as the producer. Blogged frontman Eddie Argos of the collaboration:

Im glad that it was finally in the NME that we're recording with Frank Black. I don't know why we were keeping it a secret. I'm rubbish with secrets. I was thinking about trying to put anybody off that asked me out right if  the Pixies legend Frank Black was producing our next album by telling them that they must have mis-heard and in fact the legendary Pixie Geldof was. Im glad I didnt have to stoop that low to hide our secret.