Taxi Driver and Raging Bull writer headed to Bollywood

Paul Schrader
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Hollywood’s half-curious, half-envious relationship with its prolific sister industry, Bollywood, has produced a surprisingly small amount of overlap through the years. But of all the names we might have expected to make the jump from one to the other, Paul Schrader isn’t among them.

The veteran filmmaker hasn’t always had a stable Hollywood career, but many of the films he wrote or directed—Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, American Gigolo—defined the periods from which they emerged. And yet Schrader, evidently tired of the low-profile work he’s put out stateside in recent years, has signed to direct Extreme City, a Bollywood feature about an American who tries to find an in-law’s kidnappers in India and becomes involved with a gang.

According to CHUD, the song-and-dance custom of the Indian industry will be part of the project, though the extent to which that’s true isn’t clear. (Schrader himself seems to be ambivalent about the traditions: “Old Bollywood will never go away,” he’s said, “but it’s changing. Movies can be shorter than two hours. There doesn't need to be singing and dancing.”) We have no idea what such a movie will look like, and given that no start date has been announced, it could be some time before we find out.

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