Dan Deacon offers first glimpse of Bromst

Dan Deacon
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Wacky music-manipulator extraordinaire Dan Deacon recently announced the track list for his upcoming album Bromst. After tweaking the tracks for three years, Deacon has finally deemed them ready for the public eye.

Straying from the all-out techno path of 2007’s Spiderman of the Rings, Bromst has been tagged as a darker, richer and more mature effort thanks to the incorporation of acoustic and mechanical instruments, samples and electronics. The album’s planned release date is set for March 24 on Carpark. For an early taste of what's coming, check out "Get Older" on Deacon's limited (1,000 copies) 12-inch split with fellow Baltimore musician Adventure, due Jan. 27.

Track list:
1. Build Voice
2. Red F
3. Paddling Ghost
4. Snookered
5. Of The Mountains
6. Surprise Stefani
7. Wet Wings
8. Woof Woof
9. Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life
10. Baltihorse
11. Get Older

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