Indigo Girls to launch record imprint

the indigo girls
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After 10 albums with major labels (nine with Epic, one on Hollywood), the Indigo Girls will launch their own imprint, called IG Recordings, through Vanguard Records. The launch of the imprint coincides with the release of their next full-length, Poseidon And The Bitter Bug, on March 24.

on Epic when Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine were our label-mates and the company was developing bands with the intent of creating catalog artists... Beyond that, it never fed my soul the way an independent career can."

The new album was recorded in Atlanta and features something new for the Indigo Girls, a second, acoustic CD. The second disc includes acoustic versions of all the songs, plus a bonus track, "Salty South."

"It's basically like two perspectives of the same song," Ray told Billboard. "It gives everybody both sides of the equation."

Keep an eye out for the group's Spring/Summer tour.

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