Led Zeppelin done, Jimmy Page's manager says

Led Zeppelin
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Despite rumors over past months that the remaining members of Led Zeppelin would record new material and tour after replacing frontman Robert Plant, "Led Zeppelin are over," said Jimmy Page's manager to MusicRadar. "If you didn't see them in 2007, you missed them. It's done. I can't be any clearer than that."

This comes just after contradictory news on Wednesday that Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham were ready to move on without Plant, according to statements by Page's manager, Peter Mensch, to BBC 6 Music.

After Plant opted out of a rumored 2009 tour with the band, speculation began that Led Zeppelin would go on without him, perhaps even with Alter Bridges' Myles Kennedy stepping up to the mic.

And although Plant declined to get on board, it only makes sense that the rest of the band would continue making music, Mensch said Wednesday.

"People don't really understand it," Mensch said. "Jimmy Page has been playing guitar professionally since he was 16 years old. Jimmy Page likes being a musician. He doesn't want to be a race car driver or a solicitor."

Leading up to Zep's reunion show in 2007, Page, Jones and Bonham rehearsed together without Plant and had a good time doing so, Mensch said.

"And they decided that if they could find a singer that they thought would fit their bill, whatever their bill was at this stage in their career, that they'd make a record and go on tour," Mensch said.

The search to find a replacement for Plant, however, was unsuccessful, Mensch told MusicRadar.

"They tried out a few singers, but no one worked out," he said. "That was it. The whole thing is completely over now. There are absolutely no plans for them to continue. Zero. Frankly, I wish everybody would stop talking about it."

Fair enough.

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