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Patton Oswalt
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Sundance 2009 might be a stripped-down affair, owing to hard times everywhere, but little gems are still popping up here and there. Doubtlessly, a deluge of commentary will follow the festival's conclusion, but for now, some of our favorite boots-on-the-ground observations are coming from Patton Oswalt. He's holed up at Sundance for the premiere of his (thus far well-received) flick Big Fan.

For an unrepentant movie nerd like Oswalt, the visit to Sundance should have been a trip to  Shangri-la, but ever do comedians suffer under the yoke of their quasi-celebrity. His 2009 Sundance experience was a string of encounters with fans, films and the relentlessly mercantile representatives of Axe Body Spray:

"As I was leaving, the lead Body Spray Person tried to waylay me. 'Paris Hilton's going to be here in ten minutes, and we really want a picture of you two sitting and talking.' Sadly, I signed a pact with the Opus Dei which states any picture taken of me with Paris Hilton must involve me staving in her ribs with a post digger. So I begged off, pushed through a thicket of slim hips and tomato-slicing shoulderblades, and disappeared into the night."

No word on a release date yet for Big Fan, but that should change after Sundance. Check out Oswalt's exploits on his blog, and stay tuned for the third and final chapter in what will surely be given a bombastic title in his stand-up routine, say, Sundance: The Oswalt Reckoning.

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