Will Ferrell's George W. Bush a hit on Broadway, too

Will Ferrell
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A flagship on Saturday Night Live for years, Will Ferrell’s droll impersonation of George W. Bush proved to be an honored commodity, much as Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin would be later on. So to coincide with his beleaguered subject’s departure from office, Ferrell rolled the dice and took it to Broadway for another go-around.

It looks as if it paid off. You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W Bush filled theaters to capacity in its first week on stage with $837,353 in sales. The 75-minute show drew so many theatergoers it grossed more than sell-out rates because of up-priced tickets.

The triumph marked a bit of a coup for Ferrell, whose explosive post-SNL film career ran into its first major flop last year with Semi-Pro. The show only runs through March 15, but Ferrell will be back in theaters this summer with Land of the Lost, an action-comedy incarnation of the old TV series set to open June 5.

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