Ang Lee may direct Life of Pi film adaptation

Ang Lee
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Ang Lee  has had a spotty directorial resume, but he may be a decent choice to direct the adaptation of Yann Martel's Life of Pi (a book whose popularity can be indicated by the 1,866 customer reviews on Amazon). As a matter of fact, he's in talks to do just that.

Lee, who became famous for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, will likely have luck distilling the elements of magical realism from the novel into movie form. The story is about a young Indian man named Pi who survives the sinking of a ship, only to find himself confined to a 26-foot life raft with a zebra, orangutan, hyena and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. The focus on cinematography that Lee brings to his films will likely be a necessary ingredient, as much of the story takes place in the confines of a small raft or as Pi hallucinates. There are depths to the story, which act as an allegory, that Lee can explore. In addition, Lee has already filmed adaptations like Brokeback Mountain and Rick Moody's The Ice Storm.