Bill Ayers set to publish graphic-novel memoir

Bill Ayers' name became common coin during the 2008 presidential election, with Barack Obama's campaign railroaded into answering questions on his tenuous connection to the radical leftist-turned-university professor. The grim specter of this TERRORIST MENTOR dominated the political narrative for a month, and then Tina Fey turned in the defining role of her career. Ayers, clearly operating on the maxim that any publicity is good publicity, has decided to use the last of his 15 minutes to greenlight a graphic-novel adapatation of his 1993 memoir To Teach: The Journey of a Teacher.

Teacher's College Press has reached an agreement to publish two graphic novels documenting Ayers' academic career. TCP editor Meg Lemke called the comic “well-written and drawn, serious but still funny and inspiring,” comparing it to Marjane Satrapi's lauded Persepolis. "[To Teach] is a popular course adoption text and we think the graphic adaptation will pair with this for courses at the high school as well as college level, and become an even more widely loved 'gift book' for aspiring progressive teachers and anyone working with youth.”

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