British Sea Power sailing toward soundtrack, new album

British Sea Power
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After months of being M.I.A. on MySpace, British Sea Power has emerged from its murky depths. Frontman and guitarist Jan Wilkinson, or Yan, as he's know within the group, finally broke the silence almost a year after the band's third album, Do You Like Rock Music? It was  a good time for an update, apparently.

First off, BSP finished recording the soundtrack for the re-release of Man of Aran, a 1934 Irish docufiction about life off the western coast of Ireland. It will feature mostly new material, with a few instrumental versions of previously recorded tracks. The band will be performing live to the film at the British Film Institute April 23. According to BSP's official page, a CD and DVD will be available around the same time.

Says Wilkinson about the project in the MySpace bulletin, "It is somewhat different in nature to our records to date. Be prepared to enjoy, but don't be alarmed... Personally i am very excited, which is not like me."

Wilkinson also threw in a bit about the band's next record, though nothing is set in stone just yet. "
Work on our fourth album is continuing at a steady pace."

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