Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus gets reissue treatment

Company Flow
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If you've been jonesing for some groundbreaking late-'90s hip-hop that seamlessly weaves sci-fi references into agitprop and anti-capitalism, you're in luck. Nearly a decade after the group went on hiatus, Company Flow will see its landmark (and only) LP, Funcrusher Plus, get the reissue treatment from Definitive Jux Records. A recent announcement from DefJux revealed that the album, out of print since 2006, will be re-released on May 5 in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

The digital release of the album will include several bonus tracks culled from the threesome's vaults: the pre-Funcrusher tracks "Juvenile Techniques" and "Corners 94," as well as b-sides from their later works: "Simple", "DPA" and "Simian Drugs."

The band currently has no plans to record new material, or even to reform for a one-off show like in 2007, but as El-P is fond of saying: "motherfuckers are dope artists, so you can never close that door."

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