eBay bids on 867-5309 phone number pass $350,000

Tommy Tutone
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"Even if they can't get the numbers straight, they tell me that it was their personal anthem for the '80s"
-Tommy "Tutone" Heath

Let's hope Jenny really doesn't change her number any time soon. The New York City-area version of the number made famous by Tommy Tutone's "Jenny" has been listed on eBay since late January, and the bidding has now gone past the $350,000 mark.

The number was put up by DJ / future quarter-millionaire Spencer Potter, who claimed in an interview with CNN that he gets "40 calls a day" asking for Jenny. "It's a little more than '80s fanatics. It's a lot of mid-size or larger corporations looking to get more brand awareness." Potter, who originally hoped to make a few thousand dollars on the sale, is now looking at paying a few thousand dollars in eBay and PayPal fees for his sale.

Note to future owner of 867-5309: you'll have Jenny's number, but will that be enough to make her yours?

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