Joaquin Phoenix Atlanta rap gig not actually happening

Joaquin Phoenix
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Pastebehavior of Joaquin Phoenix. The Oscar-nominated actor seemingly turned his back on his profession, vowing to never act again and instead to devote himself to the vagabond lifestyle of a musician (a rapper, at that). Our coverage of his awkward(drug-induced? staged?) minutes on David Letterman still clings doggedly to our most-read list weeks later. That's why a MySpace bulletin that arrived earlier today stating in bold letters that "Joaquin Phoenixx" [sic] would bring it to our doorstep, Paste's hometown of Atlanta, tonight at 10 p.m at Lenny's Bar, seemed just a little too good to be true. Would Phoenix really throw down in the ATL?

A call to Lenny's found a somewhat good-humored (for now) employee who said he'd been fielding calls all day about Phoenix. While he said he'd been off for a few weeks and wasn't in the know, he did coyly suggest that, "If Phoenix does show up, he might not even be performing. He might just be watching the act. That happened awhile ago with Fantasia."