Marc Forster rumored to be director on Kurt Cobain biopic

Marc Forster
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There would seem to be few tasks more thankless than making a biopic of Kurt Cobain. Gus Van Sant turned enough protective heads withLast Days (pictured), and that was only about someone whose final hours very much resembled Cobain’s.

Apparently undeterred, director Marc Forster (The Kite Runner) is considering a new biopic of the late grunge icon written by David Benioff, known for his novel and screenplay The 25th Hour. The pair has worked together before.

The Playlist
has a good rundown of how the project has shaped up over the past couple years.

It’s not clear if Forster will actually come on board, but if he does, it should be mixed news for fans (if they have any tolerance for such a project at all). Capable of real intimacy (Monster’s Ball) and seriously bloated studio fare (his Bond flick), there is reason to hope that this would fall into the earlier camp.

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