White Rabbits' It's Frightening gets tracklist, release date

White Rabbits
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White Rabbits have been pinging nearly nonstop on our collective music radar for nearly two years (they've been feted as one of Paste's Best of What's Next, as well as a Band of the Week.) The New York sextet is poised to turn that sonar blip into a sonic boom with its sophomore LP, It's Frightening, just announced for a May 19 release.

After nearly two years on the road, White Rabbits retreated to their fortress of solitude (i.e. Bushwick, Brooklyn) and began working on a sequel to their lauded burlesque-pop debut, 2007's Fort Nightly. Spoon impresario and recent tourmate Britt Daniel quickly joined up with them and, in the process of exchanging demos, ended up helming the album's production booth.

It's Frightening was then mixed by production wizard Mike McCarthy (of Spoon and ...Trail of Dead fame,) resulting in an album that promises to be a "uniquely rewarding headphone experience... It's Frightening is journey into the playfully dark musings of Everyman."


1. Percussion Gun
2. Rudie Fails
3. They Done Wrong / We Done Wrong
4. Lionesse
5. Company I Keep
6. The Salesman (Tramp Life)
7. Midnight and I
8. Right Where They Left
9. The Lady Vanishes
10. Leave It At The Door

Keep your eyes on these guys. With this new album they may be about to, as it's said in the parlance, blow the fuck up. It's Frightening hits stores May 19 on TBD Records, and a Summer tour will follow the release.

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