Bamboozle Left fest auctions stage slot for Deftones bassist

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Bamboozle Left , the two-day emo/punk extravaganza, will be giving away a coveted spot on the festival's main stage to an up-and-coming band. Well, not exactly giving away. The band willing to throw down the most cash on eBay will win the chance to woo scores of concert-goers. While the approach isn't exactly the most democratic, at least it's for a good cause; proceeds from the eBay auction will go toward the medical care of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who was involved in a car accident in November. The auction will benefit One Love for Chi, an online fundraiser set up by Cheng's family.

Deftones are scheduled to perform at the festival without Cheng, using ex-Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega as his stand-in. The band members issued a full statement on the Deftones blog, saying that Vega had played with the band as Cheng's replacement before. "Back in 1999, Chi had to leave the band for a brief moment and our close friend Sergio Vega filled in to keep the train moving," says the post. "Ten years later, Sergio is going to step in once again while Chi is down."