Ben Folds to release a cappella album

Ben Folds
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Those who have attended a Ben Folds live show know that Folds loves nothing more than hopping up on his piano bench during the song "Not the Same" and conducting the audience, high school chorus-style. Folds is taking his role as conductor a step further with his new album, Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella, to be released via Epic Records.

The new album features the talent of college a cappella groups from around the country, picked by Folds from more than 200 acts. Folds himself went around to most of the groups to do the recording.

Check out With Someone Else's Money from the University of Georgia covering "You Don't Know Me."

In addition to music by the college groups, Folds also does his own a cappella versions of the songs "Boxing" and "Effington."

1. Not The Same - The Spartones from Greensboro, N.C.
2. Jesusland - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Loreleis
3. Brick - The Ohio University Leading Tones
4. You Don't Know Me - The University of Georgia's With Someone Else's Money
5. Still Fighting It - Washington University in St. Louis's Mosaic Whispers
6. Boxing - Ben Folds 
7. Selfless, Cold, and Composed - The Sacramento State Jazz Singers
8. Magic - The University of Chicago's Voices In Your Head
9. Landed - The University of Colorado Buffoons
10. Time - The Princeton Nassoons
11. Effington - Ben Folds 
12. Evaporated - The Newtones from Newton, Mass.
13. Fred Jones Part 2 - The West Chester University of Pennsylvania Gracenotes
14. Army - The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers
15. Fair - University of Wisconsin's Eau Claire's Fifth Element
16. The Luckiest - Washington University in St. Louis' Amateurs

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