Non-profit group raising money for Peter Case

peter case
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As the Obama administration tries to figure out what the hell to do with American health care, the current system continues to leave patients behind.

One of those unfortunate souls is Peter Case, the Grammy-nominated songwriter behind power pop legends The Nerves and The Plimsouls. Case, 54, underwent emergency open-heart surgery in January, but has no health insurance coverage.

So to help him pay the daunting medical bills, a group of friends and supporters have come together as Hidden Love, a non-profit relief fund that is currently accepting donations on Case's behalf. Case is expected to make a full recovery, but that doesn't make his financial situation any less dire.

"The Idea behind Hidden Love is that acts of Love - big or small - are often Hidden," the group's website says. "We - and you - are doing this because we care for Peter and for his work and feel deeply that, at the end of the day, we need to take care of each other."

Click here to make a donation. A benefit concert for Case is also in the works, but no details are yet available. We'll keep you posted once a venue and participating acts emerge.

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