Ryan Adams releasing books like he releases albums

"Prolific" has always kind of been Ryan Adam's middle name when it comes to records (he's released 10 of them in the last nine years), but it seems he's taking that work ethic to the book world. Not one, but two books are slated for this year.

Both books are collections of fiction and poetry. The first, Infinity Blues, is due out next month. Adams says it's "the jewel of my life's work."

Not to be outdone, though, he's very proud of the other collection. To be released later this year, Hello Sunshine is the brighter half of the two tomes. Says Adams, "This is the book of verse where I wake up, where I see myself responding to a world with as much light and as much grace as whatever disappointment I felt. This is where I fell back in love with everything--this is my best work yet." Also, the Askashic Books page for that particular title says to check back May 15 for more details, including pre-ordering specs.

So, which is better: the jewel, or the best? Time will tell, and perhaps time will reveal more books from author Adams.

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