Bowerbirds Fly Into Upper Air This July

The Bowerbirds
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The Bowerbirds  dreamt up their first album deep in the North Carolina woods, where guitarist/vocalist Phil Moore and multi-instramentalist Beth Tacular were building a cabin of reclaimed timber. But with fame they were forced out of their cottage and onto the national stage, and this summer they'll one-up themselves with an ambitious international tour. The best part of this news is that the European jaunt will be in support of a new LP, Upper Air, due for release July 7. 

Armed with a full catalogue of instruments, a heavy slavic downbeat and multi-layered choruses of syncopated harmonies, Upper Air is a promising second album. The trio seems to be poking their heads out of a forest canopy, Frodo-style, and feeling the wind for the first time as the lyrics soar up beyond the trees and into the windy, rollicking atmosphere.