Chester French Promises New Song if Album Hits iTunes Top 10

Chester French
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There's been an incessant noise hovering around indie-rock trendster duo Chester French for a while now. Ever since their tongue-in-cheek "She Loves Everybody" made its way to the end credits of an Entourage episode, these two Harvard pals have practically become the definition of "buzz band." After last Tuesday's release of their highly anticipated debut, Love the Future, the record has soared in sales, prompting bandmates D.A. Wallach and Maxwell Drummey to make an interesting proposal.

On their MySpace Thursday, Chester French said if the album finds its way to iTunes' top 10, they will release a new song. On Friday, it was sitting pretty at #14; as of this writing Monday morning, it had slipped to #42. "We know you'll love it," say the guys of the unreleased track. "And it won't see daylight unless we hit the top 10." Your move, Internet.

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