David Byrne and Brazilian Girls collaborate on song

David Byrne
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The Brazilian Girls do not hail from South America, and only one member possesses a pair of X chromosomes, but this paradox has managed to birth a compelling brand of consummately danceable jams. "Losing Myself" was a particularly robust single off of their 2008 LP New York City, so maybe its not too surprising that Talking Heads wizard David Byrne has signed up to collaborate on a new recording of the song.

Originally recorded in French, Brazilian Girls frontwoman Sabina Sciubba will duet with Byrne for this English-version go-round. Sciubba explains that "the song is a journey through New York City’s subway, streets, crowds, nights and clubs. Everywhere you go, you leave something behind: your scarf, a shoe, a memory, your money, an ear, your friends, your head...until you end up being light as a feather and you have nothing left but your freedom."

Listen to a streaming version "Losing Myself" here; the track is also available exclusively on iTunes.

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