Cast begins solidifying for Christopher Nolan's Inception

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Although details about the plot are still tightly under wraps, Christopher Nolan continues to cast Inception, a film Warner Bros. calls a "contemporary sci-fi/action story, set within the architecture of the mind." Leonardo DiCaprio signed onto the project as the lead a month ago, and now Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy (of Batman Begins' Scarecrow fame) and Marion Cotillard have reportedly joined the cast as well.

No other major details have been released except that DiCaprio is set to play a CEO-type with Cotillard playing his wife. Page is a young grad student and DiCaprio’s “sidekick.” No word on Murphy's character in the film.

The film is set for a 2010 release via Warner Bros. The distribution company did not let any other director touch the Inception script, trusting Nolan even before The Dark Knight was released. Makes us wonder what Nolan has up his sleeve.

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