Jeremy Enigk to release new solo album in May

Jeremy Enigk
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Former Real-Estate agent (he worked for Sunny Day Properties, Inc. in Seattle, Wash.) Jeremy Enigk is ready to release his fourth solo album, Ok Bear, on May 12 via his own label, Lewis Hollow Records. Recorded in Barcelona last year, the album promises to be more stripped-down rock than his previous two solo albums.

The singer-songwriter had a special approach to the writing and recording process this time around. He teamed up with friend Ramón Rodriguez (from Spanish bands Standstill, No More Lies and Madee) and began recording with only a few song sketches.

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“If you were to ask a musician about their favorite songs, they will answer that they were written in about five minutes,” he said in a statement. “As if the song was already written and they just had to channel it…”

Listen to "Mind Idea" from Enigk's new album.

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