Phil Spector found guilty of second-degree murder

Phil Spector
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Legendary record producer Phil Spector, acclaimed for his work with the Beatles, The Ramones and myriad other mid-20th century acts, was convicted of second-degree murder yesterday for the shooting death of actor Lana Clarkson in 2003.

The prosecution claimed that Spector pulled a gun on Clarkson when she tried to leave his home after a night of drinking in February 2003. Jurors heard testimony from five women who said that Spector had drawn weapons on them when he was drunk. The defense's lawyer portrayed Clarkson as an aging cult film star obsessed with fame who turned the gun on herself in a moment of despair.

At a press conference following the trail, the jury forewoman said the panel was convinced by the "totality" of the evidence presented during the trial. Spector's attorney said that Phil knew a conviction was likely, and upon receiving the verdict asked, "What's next?" Spector's sentencing is scheduled for May 29. Barring a successful appeal, he'll serve a minimum of 18 years of his mandatory life sentence before being eligible for parole. Spector is the first celebrity found guilty of murder in L.A. in more than 40 years.

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