Judd Apatow Launches Funny People Viral Marketing Campaign with Fake Jason Schwartzman Sitcom

Judd Apatow
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Watching the clips online makes you think twice: Is this for real? Perhaps it's because the new, Jason Schwartzman-starring (but very fake) sitcom Yo, Teach! pulls heavily from a mixture of Saved By The Bell, Boy Meets World, and Dangerous Minds in the teacher-tries-to-get-through-to-struggling-kids motif, and the gags therein. Ah, but we cry foul, Judd Apatow! Apparently the comedy director launched these clips with the folks at NBC.com as if it were a real show, when in fact they serve as a viral-marketing tool for his highly anticipated summer comedy, Funny People.

Here's the deal: Yo Teach! is meant to be a sitcom starring the character Schwartzman plays in Funny People, the appropriately three-named character, Mark Taylor Jackson. And even though you can't look forward to the fake premiere of a fake second season, as advertised on the show's ultra legit-looking website, you can at least watch these hilarious promotional snippets.