Casey Affleck Solicits Videos of Joaquin Phoenix for Rap Doc

Joaquin Phoenix
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As Joaquin Phoenix’s bizarre vaudeville act has finally simmered down, Casey Affleck has requested videos of Phoenix’s notorious rap performances to help piece together his documentary about it.

The site where the videos can be submitted,, features a legal release statement juxtaposed with footage of Phoenix falling from a stage during a performance.

Affleck, of course, is married to one of Phoenix’s sisters, which has fueled speculation that the documentary is part of an elaborate parody of celebrity culture. Phoenix has been a victim of the press many times in the past, including a particularly ugly incident in 1993 when celebrity news shows played the tape of the terrified 911 call he made while his older brother, River, was dying from an accidental drug overdose.
Still, his frequent collaborator James Gray, director of The Yards and Two Lovers, has said that Phoenix’s music career isn’t a joke. “The young man gave acting everything he had,” he wrote on The Huffington Post. “Perhaps he just ran out of gas. I know now how hard it is to find a true original like him, and that for a time I simply got lucky.”

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