Kevin Smith's Green Hornet to be Released as Comic Book

Over half a decade ago, Kevin Smith was in charge of bringing the Green Hornet to life, but one thing led to another, and Seth Rogen is now helming the project (along with director Michel Gondry) and writing the script. Now, Smith will revisit the comic-book hero with a comic book adaptation based loosely on his script, according to Entertainment Weekly.


After working on a Batman miniseries, Cacophony, and not missing the deadline (as he often does), DC offered a few more comic book projects to Smith. Among them another Batman 12-issue miniseries, The Widening Gyre, to be split between two volumes with six months in between them, and Green Hornet, which he declined at first but later joined because he "thought 'I already wrote a Hornet story once...' It's the Hornet movie I'd make if I was making it today. And there's no better time to do that than before Seth Rogen and Michel Gondry's version defines the character for the mainstream," he told EW.

With some variations, the comic will contain certain parts from the original script, with the story centered around the torch-passing event from father to son, from Britt Reid to Britt Jr. Below, one of the sketches drawn by Alex Ross for the comic book adaptation (courtesy of /Film):

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