Pixar to Open a Short Film Animation Studio in Vancouver

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Pixar Animation is ready to grow following the enormous success of their myriad animated films, from WALL-E to The Incredibles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is ready to expand the studio and is currently looking for a facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new studio will employ a small number of animators and only produce short films that take six to eight months to produce.

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The short films, between three to six minutes in length, will be produced for television, DVD compilations, Internet broadcasting, and for theme park and theatrical exhibition. Most of the work for longer films including 3-D and post production would be retained by the Emmeryville campus in California. Vancouver may sound like an unusual choice, but it allows Disney to tap into the city's talent pool, refuged in the many art schools in the area, plus the fact that the city is in the same time zone as the headquarters.

Pixar's expansion does not stop there. The Emmeryville campus is also undergoing construction and according to The Pixar Blog, the $20-plus million expansion will include a new four-level building, an expansion of the main parking area, the addition of a small theater, recording studio, game room, and a coffee shop with a kitchen (!).