The Great American T-Shirt

Design Features
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We’ve assembled some of our favorite shirts for spring to appeal to the fashionista and the metalhead alike. Wear them with pride.

The no-brainer uniform of rock stars, hipsters and your dad, the American T-shirt is indeed the great equalizer. And when it comes to recession-era fashion, retailers know that cotton goods have a better chance of selling than, say, a spendy “it” bag. As Deer Dana designer Dana Veraldi points out, “T-shirts are recession proof as long as you keep them in an affordable price bracket.” Of course, the price range still varies: A Deer Dana will set you back $45, but Lanvin’s highly sought after, pailette-embellished Bette Davis T-shirt retails for a cool $700-800—a relative bargain compared to one of the label's $3,265 mini-dresses. 

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