Twitter, the Movie: Director Frank Kelly Talks 140

Social media phenomenon Twitter has spawned gossip, hilarity, feuding (complete with 140-character-or-less zingers), and above all, an exponential decrease in workplace productivity. Independent filmmaker Frank Kelly, however, is seeking to find meaning in Twitter beyond abbreviated witticisms and one-liner celebrity snubs with his latest documentary, 140.

The Irish filmmaker is creating a feature-length documentary inspired by the connectivity and synchronicity that Twitter users experience. 140 will consist of 140 different filmmakers, each shooting 140 seconds of film that represent what connects the filmmaker to their home. Oh yeah, and the footage will all be shot simultaneously. Kelly described the process in a press release for the movie: "I'm asking the filmmaker what it is that connects them to their home. It can be anything they want, a landscape, cityscape, a sunrise, a wife, husband, child... doesn't matter. But it has to be captured in 140 seconds and at the same time as everyone else."