Blink-182 Recruits Weezer and Fall Out Boy for Reunion Tour

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Band reunions are, as usual, popping up everywhere. From The Police to My Bloody Valentine to Led Zepellin. Well, you can now add Blink-182 to the mix. The California trio recruited the dudes from Weezer and Fall Out Boy to come along on their Summer reunion tour, according to Rolling Stone.

The unusual combination may make some cringe and others rejoice, but this is not the first time Blink-182 has collaborated with Weezer and Fall Out Boy; the recently-reunited trio's side projects have opened for both bands in the past. Also, following the steps of No Doubt, Blink is trying hard to make tickets accessible to fans by offering $20 seats at arenas.

As for Weezer, they headed back to the studio in late November to work on their fifth album that will hopefully be released sometime later this year. Dates will be announced soon.

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