Catching Up With... Wilco's Nels Cline and John Stirratt

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As you might have gleaned from all the Wilco hubbub at today, the band has a brand-new record out today—Wilco (The Album). So Paste has taken the occasion to talk  with Wilco bassist and original member John Stirratt and guitarist Nels Cline, who joined the band shortly after the release of 2004's A Ghost Is Born and has become an integral part its sound.

 You’ve been playing music for years, but Wilco is the biggest band you’ve ever been in. When you joined, was it a difficult adjustment? And how did your life change, if at all, when you joined the band?  Paste: I've noticed that there are a lot of really cool dual guitar parts popping up on the records now, and live. What do you like most about the way you and Jeff and Pat play guitar together, and how would you describe each of your styles? Paste: When you guys are out on tour, you’re playing a lot of songs dozens of times. I’ve spent a lot of time, as a listener, thinking about Jeff’s lyrics. Do you guys in the band ever talk with him about what they mean, or does he leave it to everybody’s imagination? Paste: Since the lineup has settled, the last couple records that you’ve made feel very much relaxed, like the pressure is off for you guys. 

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