Flight of the Conchords' Kristen Schaal Gets U.K. Television Pilot

flight of the conchords
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Playing the character of Mel on Flight of the Conchords seems like it would be a full-time job. What with all the T-shirt designs, awkward sexual advances and uninvited home visits, serving as the one-and-only superfan of New Zealand's fourth most popular digi-folk group sounds like a hefty commitment. Well, looks as though curly-topped comedienne Kristen Schaal has adjusted her schedule to cheat on her beloved Kiwis just a little, lending her absurd deadpan and kid-with-a-cold voice to a new show recently green-lit as a for-broadcast pilot on the U.K.'s Channel 4.

The pilot will be based on her web series with creative partner Kurt Braunohler, Penelope, Princess of Pets, in which Schaal's character learned she could speak to animals after she "became a woman." Check out this webisode for a taste: