Everything Is Terrible: The Movie to Feature the Best of the Worst of Video Mash-Ups

Everything is Terrible
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For a couple years now, the cultural historians over at Everything Is Terrible have worked hard to dredge up all the groan-inducing infomercials, workout videos, PSAs and otherwise terrible footage from the '80s and '90s that they could find. The artists of found footage are now releasing a mash-up of terribleness in movie form—the aptly titled Everything Is Terrible: The Movie. 

Described by the folks at EIT as "the most mind-melting-mash-up video party imaginable," the movie will take the best (worst?) clips from a range of categories and spin them together like a terrible salad. Each category will form an episode, some of which include "Creeps," "Business Manners" and even "Fake Rap." (May we please suggest this gem?)