More Details Announced for Jeff Buckley Film

Jeff Buckley
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The producers of Mystery White Boy, the Jeff Buckley biopic that was announced in 2006 and has been progressing slowly since, have named Jared Leto, James Franco, James Marsden and Robert Pattinson as contenders for the lead, according to Australian newspaper, Courier-Mail.

Buckley's mother, Mary Guibert, who for years had refused proposals for a biopic about her late son's life, hand-picked a team to move forward with the film in '06. Michelle Sy, who had recently produced the J.M. Barrie biopic Finding Neverland, was Guibert's first recruit. Together, Guibert and Sy enlisted young screenwriter Brian Jun (Steel City) to write a script and were expecting a draft that fall.

Public details about the film's progress have since been kept under wraps, but it now seems that the plans Guibert made three years ago have been revised. Screenwriter Ryan Jaffe (The Rocker) has replaced Jun, and IMDb now anticipates a 2010 release for Mystery White Boy.

Otherwise, the mystery of Buckley lives on. So much of Buckley's allure is wrapped up in the unknown, from the sweet haunting of his unfinished discography to the persistent secrets of his 1997 drowning, that it is only fitting that most details about the film remain obscured.

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