David Foster Wallace Biography Gets Publishing Deal

David Foster Wallace
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Since the suicide of author David Foster Wallace last September left the literary community reeling, two writers have tried to grapple with his oft-emotionally turbulent life and celebrated career in the form of biographies: D.T. Max, who penned a lengthy New Yorkerarticle on the author after his death, and David Lipsky, who wrote one for Rolling Stone. As of last week, though, only Max's proposal earned a publishing deal, while Lipsky's remains unsold.

Lipsky's proposal for a biography, on the other hand, would be based on a series of audio tapes from when he joined Wallace on a book tour in 1996. An anonymous editor showed concern that turning that idea into a formal book might prove difficult, though it would allow readers "to kind of hear that incredible music again: the sound of David Foster Wallace at full tilt."

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