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It's no secret that Paste kind of has a thing for the band Wilco. Each of the three studio albums they've released since we started our magazine has ended up on our year-end Top 10 lists. We've put Jeff Tweedy on our cover once, and featured the band countless times both in the magazine and on the website. What else can we do to profess a love that began way back in the Uncle Tupelo days before the great Tweedy/Farrar split? Well, we can give them the whole website in honor of Wilco (the album), which gets its release today.

So welcome to Wilco (The Takeover). Today on, you'll find a stream and a review of the new album. But you'll also find a poll of the best Wilco album of all time, our review of Wilco (The Gas Station), a list of the great parentheses in music history, a look at Tweedy's son's blog, a brief history of number stations like the one sampled on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, our favorite nonsensical Wilco lyrics, and a remembrance of that show in Missouri where the crazy dude got punched in the face on stage by Tweedy ("I just wanted a hug!"). And we'll update the site tonight with interviews with guitarist Nels Cline and bassist John Stirrat.

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